Think of interesting, creative title for your newspaper. Form the editorial Board.
Spread the work on the selection of the required material and design of the wall newspaper among members of the editorial Board or all children.
If your team has guys who write poems or write articles (we are talking about older children), give them topics for writing original creative works (novels, essays, illustrations, poems, etc.). So, releasing the newspaper on March 8, they may like something more original (in poetic form or with humorous ditties) to congratulate moms, educators or teachers, parents and those girls who are next to them (one group of kindergarten or in the same class).
Select members of the design group. These guys should be able to draw well or write beautifully. If small children do not yet know how to write, let him tell you out loud about his vision of the newspaper and his statements in it, you will only have to write it with his hand.
Assign those who will be responsible for computer support (selection of the necessary materials and illustrations across the Internet, perhaps the design on the computer, text, etc.). Younger students nowadays are able to handle it without difficulty.
Spend Board meeting on which will discuss all the collected material and their distribution in the newspaper. Keep in mind that in order for the newspaper was a success, wasn't boring and uninteresting, you need to intelligently alternate the illustrations or photos with informational material and a variety of creative tasks (puzzles, crosswords, riddles, charades, etc.).
If you decide to design a wall newspaper for March 8, prepare in advance pictures of mom, stick them on a newspaper and sign under them wishes for them and congratulations. Very interesting and touching to look like a newspaper, if the photos the kids will continue the phrase "My mother the most..."
If the newspaper is dedicated to someone's birthday, invite the children to draw a flower with lots of bright petals, on which you can put photos of all the children of a class or kindergarten group, and in the center put a picture of the birthday boy. Ask everyone to say aloud or write on the newspaper a few words of wishes for him. This piece certainly will be the most prominent place at the birthday boy and to please him, for he will remember that he had many real friends.
Don't forget about aesthetics at the time of registration of the Newspapers, teach the children. Also explain to them the importance of observing correctness in the presentation of the material and accuracy and of caution in the printed (or handwritten) words.