You will need
  • - gouache;
  • - the drawing paper;
  • pencil;
  • - pictures from the Internet.
Make a newspaper on their own, and better - along with your toddler. If you are a creative person and excellent at drawing, you can create a poster with appliques and different images. If you have no idea how to do this, download the Internet a suitable template.
Choose the theme for the poster. In addition to traditional holidays theme may be the grandmama, the beginning of winter or other significant event. It could just be developmental newspaper.
Pick a photo and art illustrations that correspond to the future poster. For holidays suit ordinary cards – buy a few or find old ones, which were received by you.
Find the desired picture on the Internet, then print to use as a visual material. You can use photos of your kid that fit the theme.
In addition to the images in postere use and other components. If you draw a new year celebration, pick a cut snowflakes, wool and sequins. For a fall theme use leaves of trees.
Try to make the outline of the future poster. You need to map out locations for pictures, text. First, draw large members, then the components of that less. The title should be catchy and bright, to Express the main theme.
Do not use a lot of text elements, because the child needs illustration. It can be poems, comics, jokes or anecdotes. Also think about where will be located the poster. If you place it very high, then the text can not be issued. You can leave a place for writing wishes.
Think of interesting captions. If you want to draw an unusual poster, write a small story or poem about your baby.