To pay for a product in the Internet with a Visa card, you need to order it. Go to the website and check the products you would like to buy. It is often required to have a special account to record all purchases in the system. Once the account is ready, and the item, put it in the Trash. To do this, there is a corresponding item in the menu.
Fill in the details on his map. You will also need to specify the amount of goods and their actual data. For notification type mailbox. Now you need to go through the online system at the expense of their card. All data for this is available in the Bank, which was filed the map or its affiliates. In the city, this problem does not arise. Be sure to use anti-virus software when logging on to the Bank.
It is also worth noting that the save passwords in the browser is quite dangerous, as there are special viruses that steal data from system files. Keep everything on a piece of paper somewhere in the house. Once the authentication data will be produced, you need to pay for the invoice that you will receive. In some systems, the link comes to the email address. In this case, you will need to click on the link below to pay for the goods.
If you need to pay to make any transaction on the Internet service provider or mobile communications, this can be done directly from the control panel of their accounts. Log on the official website of the Bank card. Next, select from the list of payment system you need. Enter the amount and account to pay. If you have a confirmation on the phone, you will need to enter the code will come on mobile device.