Long hair for 50 year old women

It is believed that women after forty years of age should not wear long hair, which are suitable only for young girls, so most of women prefer to cut their hair above the shoulders. The fact that many with age, the health of the hair deteriorates, especially on long hair: the ends do not receive the necessary nutrition and cut, the hair becomes thinner and less easily confused and fuzziness.

In this case, really should not wear hair below the shoulders. But if you take good care of hair, use conditioners and masks, regularly trim the ends and make styling, you can forget about the fact that women in the ages long hair.
Moreover, a strong, healthy long tresses rejuvenate and hide age limitations.

To wear long hair after the age of fifty years old, you need to follow some important rules. First, don't forget about caring for your head of hair requires a lot of nutrients and vitamins, so you need to use funds for care and eat right, maintain a healthy lifestyle, it is advisable to paint the gray hair and from time to time to give a more saturated color, as with age hair color becomes faded. It is very important to stick to natural shades, flashy colors rarely look good on a lady of age, also do not need to make frequent use of strong hair dyes. Secondly, it is advisable to regularly visit a hairdresser to give the hair shape, cut the ends from time to time to change the haircut.

Medium length hair

Medium length hair, that is shoulder length, ideal for women fifty years. This length helps maintain the health and groomed appearance of the hair, saves energy and time for care and styling and gives you the opportunity from time to time change the hairstyle or to do different hairstyles. Choosing the right hairstyle for medium length hair retains femininity and hides the age: for example, bangs hide wrinkles on the forehead, and well-made "ladder" gives the hair volume and lightness.

It is important to choose a modern haircut, not to make too voluminous greased back hair, not to cut the bangs too thick. Consider your face type, style of dress and way: women who prefer business style, fit smooth haircuts with smooth ends, and a lover of romantic skirts, feminine dresses and intricate jewelry can advise asymmetrical Bob with light curls.
Don't forget to update your haircut to regrown the hair lost shape and did not look untidy.

Short haircuts for 50 year old women

Short length on the women might look different: in some cases, such cutting open all the drawbacks, and even "old", others give the appearance of perky, youthful appearance. Short hair look good on slender women with long, beautiful neck, oval face shape and proportionate features, full women preferably wear medium length hair.