You will need
  • - bracket for mounting;
  • - the perforator;
  • - dowels;
  • - dvb card;
  • - koksinky cable;
  • - satellite data;
  • - satellite dish.
Install a satellite dish. Before you connect it to your personal computer, you need to install it in accordance with the recommendations that follow below.
Select a location to install the satellite antenna, which would be ideal for regular maintenance work, and would be available to attackers.
Also, choose the location so that the distance to the receiver was possible. If your Windows face South, and in front of them, there are no significant obstructions, such as large trees or high buildings, the antenna is best to install it near the window.
Read the instructions for the Assembly of a satellite antenna. Assemble strictly in accordance with the attached recommendations. Then take the bracket and attach it to the wall, in the place where will be located the antenna with metal dowels.
Use a level to mount to be as correct horizontal position. Take a special mount, and secure the satellite antenna to the bracket. Then Orient the antenna to the South. This is because most satellites located in geostationary orbit.
Connect to the antenna Converter to connect to the computer. Then take coaxially cable. Perform switching so that as much as possible connections and that the wire is not kinked anywhere.
Turn off your personal computer from the network. To connect a satellite dish to a computer, connect toksiline cable into the corresponding socket of the dvb-card. Then adjust the antenna to receive signal. For this it is necessary to Orient the satellites, which are located in this area.
Go to the website or There you will receive data for the settings of the dvb card to receive a clear signal.