You will need
  • - personal computer; - the ability to use a PC.
First of all, pressing the "start" button, go consistently to the "control Panel", then to "Programs". Next, under "Programs and features" give the command "View installed updates". In this window you will see all the updates that you had installed previously.
Reviewing the list of updates, select the one that you want to delete and click Delete. Often during this simple operation comes request requiring a password or confirmation. In this case, either confirm the password or enter it. After you specify or confirm the password update will be removed. Check the uninstall is not difficult, just open section "Installed updates" and clicking "View remote updates", make sure it had disappeared from his list.
If the update is not deleted, check the connection from the computer to the network. General settings may not allow the computer to make the removal. Don't forget that some updates cannot be uninstalled because they are directly related to the security of the operating system of the computer. When Windows will reinstall the updates automatically, you should just disable the Windows Update service (Windows update service). But in order to disable this service completely, you need to disable the process wuauclt.exe.