Question about the activation system download and install automatic updates is set to the user during installation of the operating system on one of its last stages. The simplest way to disable the updates on the computer - give them straight during installation. To do this, select the "Never download or install updates". This will help you to get rid of excess cost of Internet traffic, however, the system will remind you that computer security is under threat and that update is enabled.
Previously involved and used the option to upload operating system updates, you can disable it by standard means. Go to the start menu and press the right mouse button on the icon "My computer". In the opened context menu select "Properties". In the dialog that appears go to the tab "Automatic updates" and tick the box next to "Disable automatic updates". This action will finally sever the connection between the computer and the update server developer.
Click "start" and go to "control Panel". Look for the icon "Automatic updates" and click it twice. The dialog box, as described above. It should also select "Disable automatic updates".