It is no secret that Windows operating system many different vulnerabilities. Every time information about the hackers found a vulnerability enters the network, Microsoft released on her "patch", closing a loophole was found. Thanks to Windows automatic updates, all detected vulnerabilities are quickly closed.
Despite the usefulness of automatic updates, many users disable it after Windows installation, for example, in the case of using an unlicensed version of the operating system and the associated fear. Disabling automatic updates is quite simple and takes very little time.
If you are using Windows XP, open "control Panel" (start – control Panel), select "Automatic update", double-click it with the mouse. In the opened window select the option "Disable auto update", click "OK".
Even when updating is disabled, responsible for updating the service continues to run, consuming system resources. It is better to turn off: again, go to "control Panel", select "administrative tools", then "Services". In the opened window, in the list of services, find "Automatic update", double-click it with the mouse. A window will open, there click "Stop". After stopping the service (it takes a few seconds) select the line "start Type" option to "Disabled."
The procedure to disable automatic updates in Windows 7 is very similar. Click "start", choose "control Panel", then "Security" tab. Find the "Windows update" and choose the option disable. As in Windows XP, after disabling automatic updates should go to Services and disable automatic updates.