You will need
  • -identity documents of all parties involved
  • cadastral passport on the ground
  • -certificate of land ownership
  • -a certificate of inheritance, if the land is issued after the death of the testator
  • -the last will and Testament, if any
  • -notarized authorization from the other owners or stolikov plot
  • -receipt of payment for the inheritance
  • -the receipt on state duty for registration
  • -certificate of testator's death
To issue the inheritance for the site after joining the right of inheritance by law or by will. For entry into law of inheritance, please contact the notary office in the area to find the inheritance. Write a statement about the desire to join the law of inheritance. It must be done within six months after the death of the testator. The notary will open the case of inheritance. To enter into the inheritance of only six months.
If the plot no cadastral passport, it is necessary to issue. For registration call the surveyors from the Department of land management. They will produce a list of necessary works and produce technical documents. With the documents, please contact the Rosnedvizhimost'. There you will be given a cadastral passport for it.
Received from the notary document on the right to inheritance, contact the state records center. You will be given a certificate of right to property.
If you want to issue land inheritance in life, you first make the ownership of it.
Make a cadastral passport for the land described above. Register the right of ownership to the state records center. Take the notarized permission to probate from all of the owners and stolikov of the site.
Contact the notary's office, a person want to draw the inheritance. You make an agreement about the inheritance. You must register in the registration center for registration of real estate. The heir will then issue a certificate on the right to property in land.
For probate will need to pay. It costs very expensive.