Refer to the example of execution of obligations following the link given at the end of the article. Compose the text of your obligations based on the characteristics of your agreement. It is best to type it on the computer and print them on a printer, to eliminate the possibility of discrepancies because of your handwriting style. But as a single, unified shape and requirements to its arrangement does not exist, you can create it in written form, but in compliance with the requirements of official registration of papers. This method of registration is preferable for the opposite side, because it leaves no doubt as to the autographic writing of the obligation in the event of dispute issues.
Write in the center of the sheet title of document "Commitment". Immediately beneath it enter the place (city) where it was made and the date it was created. The content of the document should be required to include such information as name, surname, patronymic, passport data, home address, and contact numbers for communication. Then describe the essence of the achieved agreement between the parties, the circumstances which led to the conclusion of the transaction, its terms and conditions. In particular, you should write exactly what the obligations assumed by the debtor, writing the amount in figures and words, putting the exact timing of the calculation.
In the final part of the commitments describe how the activities specified in the case of inability to fulfill the terms of the agreement or violation of the terms specified in the document. Signature and decode it in brackets (surname and initials). Sign the document in the notary's office, if required by the terms of the agreement.