Why is it necessary to change the chain?

A Bicycle chain is recommended to be changed every half-two thousand kilometers, because it is subject to great wear, specifically stretched. This is not surprising as this part of the transmission overstretched, a large longitudinal stress, which leads to the removal of circuit elements from each other, which entails a number of unpleasant consequences. It is primarily chain slippage that will occur at applied to the connecting rod load. Thus, to develop greater speed on the bike with a worn chain would be difficult, and even on steep climbs and not have to forget.

The second unpleasant consequence of the wear of the chain will have difficulty switching speeds. When you try to shift the chain from one sprocket to another, it will come off, not being able to rigidly lock to the teeth of the star. Therefore, all the advantages of a bike with lots of speed come to naught.

If for home use cheap bike listed problems aren't so scary, professional athletes and advanced Amateurs lose the greater part of the advantages of their expensive, fancy bikes.

How to determine the degree of wear of the chain?

Convinced of the need for periodic change chains, you should go directly to the explanation of the process. First of all, you should learn to determine when the chain needs replacing, because systematically monitor the mileage is difficult. The most accurate way to determine the degree of wear is to measure the distance from the center Pina of arbitrary (axis, connecting links) to the center of the twenty-fourth after he pins a simple ruler. This distance should be 304,8-306,4 mm. If the distance exceeds the recommended chain requires replacement.

How to change the chain?

There are two types of chains: with lock and pin. The first case is not interesting, because such circuits are used on children's bikes and replacing them is not difficult, for this you will need only a screwdriver.

More interesting is the situation with the second type of chain - chain with pin. First of all, you will need a special tool, squeeze the chain. To remove the chain with the help of available tools is not recommended. Squeeze circuit is used for connector and coupling links of the Bicycle chain. The sequence of actions when working with this tool is as follows:

- positioning pin chain pin opposite to the pomace;
- the screw of the pin, forcing the pin;
- remove the pin.

All, now the chain is disconnected, you can remove and put a new one. The process of installing a new circuit is fundamentally no different from the process of removal.