Advice 1: How to learn English in a month

Often in our lives there are situations when we urgently need knowledge of a foreign language. For example, there was the prospect of an interesting trip to a foreign country, faced with the need to pass an important exam for further career growth, and a simple desire to go as a tourist to see the world implies the possession of at least one foreign language. In most cases, of course, this applies to English, which has become today the language of international communication.
How to learn English in a month
The problem of national education in that at the exit of the school or College most students of a foreign language do not really know. So if you need to have to catch up independently and promptly. But is it possible to learn English in a month? Because it is so short term.
Outset: to learn in a month any foreign language fully impossible. It is simply impossible. However, it is possible in this short time to master the basics of the language, to become fluent in it and understand the interlocutor. This is especially true of English. Fortunately, this language belongs to the most difficult European languages. His grammar is quite easily absorbed, due to the lack of multiple cases and complex endings. At the same time, a kind of English phonology in which pronunciation is hardly related to writing, creating difficulties to people unfamiliar with this language. So if you set a goal to study English for a monthin the first place will have to pay special attention to listening, training your listening comprehension and pronunciation.
The most optimal and efficient way to quickly learn English are full-time courses in Express learning. They suggest daily hours of English classes with full immersion in the language environment. Naturally, man is constantly forced to speak and understand a foreign language inevitably starts to do it more confidently. So at the end of the intensive monthly course you will be able to communicate in obschebytovom themes quite successfully to understand the interlocutor and to create simple phrases. At the same time gaining a solid vocabulary.
Unfortunately, do not always have the opportunity to attend intensive language courses. In this case there are two options of study: to take a private tutor or to study English independently. The effectiveness of such classes, of course, will be lower, but they faithfully the learner can give a lot. When working with a tutor experienced teacher will tell you the most optimal method of teaching, but if we are talking about learning, to select teaching materials and to build the schedule of the lessons myself.
For independent studying of English language it is best to use computer multimedia program. Today, the appropriate educational software is available very much and choose something suitable will not be difficult. Multimedia software enables you to learn the pronunciation, understanding, grammar and to gain vocabulary. And all this in a playful form. It is very important when learning to achieve emotional engagement, interest in the learning process. Learning English should be fun and bring joy, then all new material will be absorbed much better. You need to try to avoid mechanical rote learning, particularly grammatical forms. This method is of little use, but takes a lot of time and effort. In addition to training programs will need the Anglo-Russian and Russian-English dictionaries, a textbook or a reference grammar and a notebook to record examples and exercises.
In addition to the classes, try to get in touch with the English language at every opportunity: watch the news and films in English (perfect English-speaking TV shows with Russian subtitles), read the newspaper and interesting sites. And most importantly, use every opportunity to talk to native English speakers. Don't be embarrassed, at first, you will distort the words and confuse grammatical forms, the most important thing here – to overcome the psychological barrier and start to communicate.
Everyone understands that English for a month to learn impossible. However, it is not about learning. English in a month will help You to master video course "Quick English". After completing all of the tasks of the course, You will be able to read, speak and sing in English. To learn English in a month you need a certain minimum of knowledge!
Useful advice
The program of English for the month is a program for quick and comprehensive study of the English language. In the system the main emphasis is on listening comprehension of new words. So you will understand native speakers who speak with you, unlike classic courses students who are unable to perceive it by ear at an early stage of learning.

Advice 2 : How best to learn English

Not know any foreign language becomes obscene. English for many years does not give way one of the most popular languages in the world. If the curriculum of foreign language is not left in memory nothing more than a few phrases, it's time to start learning.
How best to learn English
Decide why you need English. This is very important. If you need a foreign language to understand technical literature and fluently read texts on professional topics, you can not devote a lot of time and effort into the correct pronunciation. If you need English to communicate in journeys around the world, it will be enough to learn a number of popular and commonplace expressions. To pass a specific English exam, you need to learn how to do the job exactly the format that you want. Before you start learning a language, you should be clear about the result that you want to come in the end.
Define your style of learning new material. From who are you – kinestetik, visual or auditory, will depend on your method of learning English language. When selecting courses, please note that the emphasis is: on learning from traditional textbooks, the widespread use of audio or video.
Communicate as much as possible in English. Great if you attend a course, where teachers – native language. But beyond that it will be useful to meet foreigners and talk to them on Skype, chat on social networks or even visit each other's homes. Don't forget his mispronunciation and sloppy phrases. Say! The more you communicate, the better and freer will be your English.
Do not stop there. If you except a couple of English phrases you do not know anything more, then after a month of daily study of the language will feel almost polyglot. But in order to move on to the advanced level, will require much more time and effort. As with diet. The first few pounds go away easily. And then harder and harder. Do not reduce the tempo and frequency of training. Do not chase quick results. Don't drop the study of English. And then you don't deprive yourself of the pleasure to read Shakespeare in the original, watch "pulp fiction" without translation and to communicate with interesting people with such a lack of ignorance of the Russian.
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