Sign up for language courses, when applying for courses, make sure that your initial level is determined by the right - to do this you must pass extensive tests. Select the courses depending on your financial capabilities, length of study, proximity to work/school/home. If you feel more comfortable to do in private with the teacher - use the services of the tutor, he will fix all your shortcomings, as well as adjust the learning process according to your objectives and level.
Watching TV and/or movies in English. To start the series, try to watch the video with subtitles, Russian first, then English - it will help to better navigate in the perception of audio information. Listen to audiobooks, start with simple dialogues for language learners.
Read in English, start with the entertainment sites, the jokes, then go to reading classical literature. New words write in a special notebook/Notepad, try to memorize them. A day teach at least 20-30 words.
Communicate in English - way in the city speaking club in which language learners come to practice. The best option would be to communicate with a native speaker - if among your friends are no foreigners sign up on social networks and try to find English-speaking interlocutors.
Write on different topics in English, make English-language blog, after a time, reread what I wrote, rather quickly you will begin to notice and correct errors in their texts.
Use Internet resources to learn English such as, etc. On these sites there are many tests that will show the gaps in your English. Attend specialized forums, ask questions that interest you more experienced members.