You will need
    • corn grits
    • razvlecheny camera
    • extruder
    • air conditioning
    • capacity for storage of finished sticks
    • powdered sugar
    • vegetable oil (optional)
    • cocoa powder to sprinkle sticks.
Prepare the corn, grind it in a coffee grinder or in popoloca apparatus. The grains should be of the same size, as this depends on the process of foaming of the mass, from which are made of sticks. If the dealer would be a substandard ground, at the moment of making the dough, it forms a lumpy and will continue to burn in the extrusion apparatus.
Download the rump in the air screw). In this ground cereals should be mixed with warm salted water for 3-4 minutes. After that, at a constant speed of cereals should be stirred until full break in about 3 hours. At this stage it is important that the conditioning to maintain a constant humidity at around 25%. Hydrated grits is put in the extruder, where it must be heated to a temperature of 200° C. it Should be noted that it is important the pressure rise that allows you to create grains of the hot plastic mass. Water vapor and the pressure of the screw apparatus of the extruded mass, in which the pressure in the squeezing breaks like a corn stick. A knife mounted on a movable mechanism that cuts the dough in equal distance, the sticks are dried in a special receiver to 5% moisture.
Guide the process of enrobing. For him it is best to use vegetable oil (sunflower, rapeseed, palm and mixtures thereof). After smudging sticks of butter and mixing them in a mixing drum to fill those ground, the ingredients that will glaziruetsya sticks. It could be crab meat, bacon, protein concentrator, sugar, salt, garlic, chocolate chips, powdered sugar, etc.