To cook a delicious Hominy, you must have certain knowledge and skills. Also important amount of water and the quality of the flour.

Cooking secrets

For making Hominy should take the flour (cornmeal) finely. Before that, it should be slightly dry in the oven. Then corn flour is sifted through a sieve.

Cooking Hominy use cauldron - cast iron pot with a thick bottom and walls. In this heat lightly salted water. After it boils, you can fall asleep cornmeal. The standard ratio of ingredients: 3 cups of water take 1 Cup of flour.

To avoid the formation of lumps in the center of the cauldron put a wooden rolling pin (blade stirrer). To cook Hominy should be within 30 minutes on low heat. It needs to be regularly stirred, clutching the rolling pin to the walls of the bowl. Then reduce the fire to low and leave it be done to a turn (10-15 minutes).

To check the readiness of dishes, a rolling pin is lowered vertically and begin to rotate quickly in her palms. Hominy is ready, if the porridge does not stick to the wooden rolling pin. After that, if you dip a spoon in water, it is separated from the walls of the bowl. Shake the tank several times, the porridge tilt on a clean cloth or cutting Board. Properly cooked Hominy not falling apart on the plate, and retains exactly the shape of the bowl.

Before serving dishes to the table the polenta is cut into pieces with a wooden knife or a thick thread. It is served with garlic, eggs, milk or cheese.

Often of Hominy prepared by URS (balls). 2 l of water requires 400 g of corn flour, 1 Cup grated cheese, 1 teaspoon of salt. The middle of each ball and fill with cheese. After that they becomes in the ash. Before serving, decorate the dish with greens and flavored milk.