You will need
    • pan or glassware for the microwave
    • corn for popcorn
    • vegetable oil - coconut or corn (preferably refined)
    • powdered sugar or sugar.
Preparation of sweet popcorn in bravoromeodelta the pan with a lid. Pour into it the corn so that it covered her bottom. Pour vegetable oil on the bottom of the pan. Wait until the oil is heated to the desired temperature. To do this, throw into the pan a few grains of corn. If they have revealed that can pour out the remaining seeds.
How to cook sweet popcorn
Then cover the pan with a lid and gently shake her. This is to ensure that future popcorn kernels well soaked with vegetable oil and found a nice roasted taste. Listen carefully to the popping of the beans. When they become frequent, you can remove the pan. Popcorn is ready!
How to cook sweet popcorn
Cooking popcorn in a microwave pecualrities glass bowl with a lid. First layer pour the popcorn, and the second - add a little vegetable oil. Stir and close the lid. Put to warm in the microwave for the power, so how to make sweet popcorn only at very high temperatures. About the readiness of your future Goodies can be judged by the reduction of POPs in the microwave. When they do subside, so everything is ready.
Delicious additive to popcornopolis popcorn into a separate bowl. Add sugar or sugar to taste. There is sweet popcorn better with various additives, fruit jam, chocolate paste, condensed milk, berry syrup. Don't be afraid to experiment with other flavors, and suddenly you get to create your new recipe.