You will need
  • the program for reading exif-files
The Nikon and Pentax all information about how many times the camera clicked the shutter, is stored in a special exif file. To view it, it is sufficient to find a program that can read such files and to decrypt them. It is not difficult, suitable, for example, Opanda EXIF or ShowExif, there are other applications. They are all small and simple. The program will need to open the image that was shot on the camera last. In the properties displayed by the app, will the parameter "Total Number of Shutter Releases", in front of which is indicated the numeric value is the mileage of the camera.
Manufacturers Canon have not decided exactly whether they support the exif format, so about some cameras you can find out the whole story with the meta-files, and some not. If the camera whose mileage you are interested in does not have the capability to know the number of shots, you have two options. First – inspect the camera. Most likely, if it was actively used, on appearance it will be noticeable. Or you can give the camera to the service center, there will be able to determine the age of the camera, this method is more reliable and more accurate.
If we are talking about the Olympus camera, in this case, the approach is quite tricky. If you do not know, never it is impossible to guess how verified have camera run. You will need to make several steps. First turn on the camera. Then open the card cover memory. Then simultaneously press two buttons, first "play" (in some models 'menu'), the second "ok". Then take turns to press buttons up, down, left, right. Press the shutter button, and then up again. This procedure will allow you to learn about how many pictures she clicked off the camera.