You will need
  • Nikon digital camera, a personal computer with access to the global network.
Download online program ShowExif. The usability of this software is that the system utility tool weighs less than a megabyte, due to the injection ShowExif a lot of time you will not take. However, for using this program it is not necessary to install on the computer: just download the package system utilities.
Connect the camera to a personal computer and throw back your footage on your PC's hard disk.
Run the program ShowExif and appeared on the screen window in the left part specify the directory to the folder with the transferred photographs.
Appeared in the middle of the screen a tab with photos, select the most recent photo that was made by Nikon. Move the eyes to the right window, which presents all information about the photo. In the list of characteristics look for "Total Number of Shutter Releases". This indicator indicates the mileage of the camera.