List of insurance companies, their rating, number of specialists, branches and other figures is available on the website of the Federal Fund of Obligatory Medical Insurance(FFOMS). You can find this information on the website FFOMS or on the website of the regional FOMS.

When choosing an insurance company, consider the offices, mode and-hour free phone where you can contact in case of problems. A sufficient number of lawyers in service support and personnel guarantees the insured to resolve almost any issue remotely. Perfect if you directly at the reception can call your insurance and see are the actions of the medical staff. The availability of the site and the free phone support is a must.

Learn whether the concluded contract on the provision of medical services, SMO (health insurance organization) of health facilities that interest you. In big cities it often happens that not all the QS are in a contractual relationship with specific hospitals.

One family ─ one insurance

Useful if all members of the family insured by one company. This greatly simplifies the communication with the insurance. To really assess the quality of the insurance company only in the case of treatment. The operational work of the insurance is that if you are in the clinic offered to pay for a free service, then after a quarter of an hour the chief medical officer or head of the clinic notified and personally apologized for the misunderstanding.

The effectiveness of pre-trial activities

Very important to the performance of pre-trial activities insurance. This shows the ability of employees to solve the problems of patients on their own, without bringing the matter to trial. The effectiveness of informing, for example, changing legislation, changes of address, clinic implemented through sms or email can be important for individuals who often seek treatment.

Information on violations of the SMO, the scope of examination of quality of medical care is public and therefore any citizen can read it.

In most regions of the country are several SMO, but in some, usually remote or small population density has one SMO. Baikonur, Russia, cosmodrome, Pskov and others regions, where only one SMO.
Learn more about the insurance companies in the region on specialized forums. Here you can chat with the representatives of all the QS, ask questions and choose the company with which you will be comfortable.

If you have already served in some company and have a specific reason to change, it is best to stay in it. Usually, this decision is the most reasonable one and save you the hassle, leaving the quality of service at a decent level. Call the SMO, by asking the client and ask for assistance ─ once it becomes clear about the principles of operation of this SMO.