Amateur radio is quite simple to set up.

Don't start with redoing the radio under the Russian standards. Most likely, your radio already has the ability to work in "Russian grids", in addition, the parameters may be affected during the migration.
Select to the beginning of the call, the so-called personal identification signal. Formally, it must match the number of your permission for the use of radio. If informally, then just take any digital or alphanumeric alias. Select a word consisting of 6 letters, the interpretation of which will be clear and unambiguous, which is easy to disassemble, if the reception is not very confident. Make sure that none of your friends choose for themselves the same Callsign.
In order to tune the antenna, use instrument called the SWR meter. Without it you simply can not do. At first approximation, adjust the antenna for minimum value of standing wave ratio (VSWR). Make sure that the coefficient is less than 1.5.
Remember that if you are a long time to work if the SWR >3, it is easy to damage the cascade of the transmitter. Click on the microphone button and adjust the dish according to the maximum illumination of the LEDs.
If everything is working correctly, proceed to the range to 160 meters. If you plan to communicate with the owners of such radios, then further configuration can be considered as virtually completed, and if your desire of communication are expanded to users of other radios, try to find a used band strip and connect within.