Make an appointment to see a urologist. After you pass the UZI, to take the urine and blood tests, your doctor will probably tell you have sick kidneys or any other organ. Do not start self-treatment, you may not be a trivial inflammation, and, for example, a stone or sand in the kidneys or urinary ducts.
If the inflammatory process is confirmed, you will be given antibiotics. The form of the drug, dose and regimen will detail the urologist. But along with medicines you can take and adjuvant treatment. In some cases, prescribed physical therapy. If the inflammation is severe, then you will be put in the hospital.
When there is much of a threat, and you have appointed only the drugs, to enhance the efficiency of the treatment, make warm. A good result is having the warming of the feet in a basin of hot water and adding a 1st. L. mustard powder. Can also take a hot bath with sea salt, but then be careful if you have a fever, this can not be done. Good help and sitz baths with hot water, but it is advisable not to add any salt, nor the mustard.
Put a heating pad on the kidneys for 30 minutes before bedtime. But if you have not only inflammation, but also kidney stones, it is better not to experiment with my health.
Buy at the pharmacy urological or renal collecting. Use it by the scheme, which is described in detail in annotations. The herbs included in such charges, have a bactericidal action and improve the outflow of fluid from the body, the accumulation of which occurs during inflammation of the kidneys.
If improvement does not appear, go back to the reception to the urologist. The doctor is looking for other reasons, which can hurt the kidneys. Not always it is connected with inflammatory process. Sometimes prescribe other, more complex types of analyses and study of the kidney special equipment.