Kindly and compassionately communicate with all your potential customers, give them the notoriously truthful information and otherwise take care that they are satisfied with the purchase. Once made to you and received good treatment and a great result, you can come back to you again. Or to recommend you to friends and friends - how it works "word of mouth" is the strongest engine of trade.
Try to keep on the sale of an object of real estate to learn more number of potential buyers. The higher this number, the more likely there is "your". Place ads in specialized print publications and on websites, do not forget to attach a photo, successfully showing your home and is able to attract the attention of potential buyers. The needs to be of good quality, it is better that it was made in Sunny weather. Often update your information to stay in the top of the list. A great option is to make a website about selling real estate in the network.
Post a ad in front of the entrance of the apartments and on the notice boards of the nearby entrances. Come to see apartments in this district may be interested in and your offer. Do not hang ads on poles and fences. Except peace officers, they do not attract.
Review Newspapers and websites, which can meet the purchase of an apartment or house. Notice boards at the entrances and at bus stops, the neighborhood where the object of real estate - maybe you'll meet the ad "Buy an apartment in your area".
And the main point - assign the right price for your property. The result will be only when there is a buyer willing to pay cash for housing at this level.