Office location for real estate Agency is paramount. Rent or buy premises, which is conveniently located in the city centre, on the ground floor, close to public transport. Consider placing the name and logo of the Agency on the facade of the building. Next, there must be enough space for Parking cars. Well, if it is possible to place on the front office Windows ads with photos sold listings.
The interior of the office should be large enough that the jobs of realtors were comfortable and allowed yourself to a stay clients. Highlight a separate room for the legal Department and the office of the Director, will arrange a separate meeting room and provide office space, allowing employees to enjoy a Cup of coffee.
Selecting of employees, pay attention not only to the experience. The main thing – a positive, positive attitude, honesty, ambition and dedication. Specificity of work is that often success depends on the human qualities of a realtor. Sometimes experience, even a hindrance, it's easier to train someone from scratch than to retrain someone whose established methods of customer service you are not satisfied.
It is impossible to organize the work of real estate agencies without creating your own customer base. At the beginning of its activities you can contact other realtors and sell their objects, sharing Commission. Study ads in Newspapers and on the city's Internet sites, offer your services. Post on forums and social networks your ads. Ask your friends and acquaintances to recommend your company to those who may need real estate services. Arrange the presentation of your company or organize clinics where there is a large concentration of people – in places of a mass festive celebrations in city parks on weekends, in shopping centers.