First you need to download yourself server program. This can be done either from the official website ( or any search engine. The server does not require installation, you only need to extract the downloaded files. Then in the program folder locate the file ts3server_win64.exe and run it as administrator (right-click on the file and select "Run as administrator").
After that you will open a new window, which will contain information about the administrator, its password, and the key privileges. All these data, you must copy or record, as without them you cannot configure the server and manage it (e.g. can't add a new administrator). A window with your password only opens when you first start.
With further configuration you need client TeamSpeak. You can also download from the official site or from any search engine. Run the client and enter the ip address of your serverand port and name. Next, click on "Connect". The default ip address of your serverand will be and the port 9987. So that other users can connect to your server, you need the external ip address. Having done all the above steps, you can move on to configuring the server.
To begin, open the menu "Preferences" and select "Use privilege key". Enter the admin key that you noted earlier. If done correctly, you will see a window informing about the successful use of a key.
To change General settings, right-click on your serverand select "Options". In the new window you can change the name, password, a greeting, the maximum number of users and the number of reserved slots (which you can use for yourself and your friends). Also you can set a small picture for your server.
To go to advanced settings click "More." Here you can enter an additional message to the serverand add a banner to your site, click server.
You can then proceed to edit the channel that was created automatically. To do this, right-click the channel and select "Edit". In the new window you can change the channel name, password, topic and description.