The most effective way to Wake a drunken man is rubbing his ears with his hands. Quickly RUB the ears of the drunken, blood circulation in the head will be restored, a drunk person will Wake up.
In the drunk tank drunk walked into a cold shower, it also helps the drunk to Wake up. But to water the face with water is not necessary, firstly, it may simply drown, even from such a small number, and secondly, the need to cool the whole body. Clap on the cheeks and shake, too, is meaningless if the person wakes up from a dream, only for a very short period of time.
Another method to Wake the drunken is ammonia. Give him a sniff of a drunken man, and with the appearance of any reaction immediately get to drink a glass of water with a few drops of ammonia.
All of these methods will result in the mind of a drunk person only if he really was asleep and not fainted. Loss of consciousness is characterized by low blood pressure, the skin becomes cool and clammy, your eyeballs are floating, the pupil is constricted, breathing is difficult.
Loss of consciousness due to alcohol poisoning, you must call an ambulance and hold a first aid poisoned person. First aid consists in removing alcohol toxins from the body. But not everyone can correctly help poisoned. First of all, drunk it is necessary to clean the stomach and to allow access to the breathing. To do this with an unconscious person is quite difficult. So try to control your loved ones or friends, and, most importantly, himself, and not drink dangerous amounts of alcohol.