You will need
  • - probe 0,3...0,35;
  • - screwdriver;
  • - a set of keys.
Inspect the distributor cap, locate the wire that goes to the spark of the first cylinder (closest to radiator). Remove the distributor cap and note where the slider is, that the spark was on the candle cylinder 1. Look at the distributor from the top - position should be "10 hours". Remove valve cover, disconnect it from all the hanging items.
Inspect the crankshaft pulley. It should be 2 or 3 risks. Align the third (the second), i.e. to the right in the direction of rotation risk with the guide on the engine block (the pulley rotates clockwise). Insert a "curve starter" and align with a specified risk guidelines. If it is not possible to apply it, then rotate the shaft by hand - pulleys and belts, in the castellated nut insert screwdriver and rotate it using a suitable open-end wrench.
Look at the runner of the distributor after alignment of the ticks. When it is desired (para 1) place, then the piston of 1st cylinder is at TDC. Valve at this point are closed, so they can be adjusted. Click on the rocker, there will be a gap. In each case, adjust the valve of the 4th cylinder.
Set on adjusting the probe gap is 0.35 mm. keep in mind that the probe must enter with a slight but noticeable effort. Insert it into the gap between the valve and rocker. Loosen the locknut, turn adjusting bolt left or right depending on the need to increase or decrease the gap . A gap of 0.35 set on all valves in all cylinders. If the air temperature is from -5 to 0 degrees, make it 0.4 mm.
Rotate the crankshaft 180 degrees after adjusting the gap on the 1st cylinder and produce the same with the second. Define rotation or slider of the timer, or the notch on the pulley. Then turn it another 180 degrees and adjust 4 cylinder, then back 180 degrees and 3 minutes. The order of the engine cylinders 417 and 421 is: 1-2-4-3. Put the valve cover, re-attach attachments.