Particularly useful such a skill in the workplace, because there are such emotionsas anger and fear, which directly interfere with the normal functioning and reduce mental and physical abilities to zero. These two emotions can greatly hinder you in normal, everyday life. The problems that caused by fear or anger, have the solution which can come only by connecting your intellect, i.e. the head cool.
Train your sense of calm and confidence, especially in those moments when you feel an impending fear or anger. The calm must become a mental habit that dampens the emotions as soon as they appear. For the training of peace watch out and control yourself, your feelings and the effort will turn off those that might be the cause of your breakdown. This methodical approach will allow the body to disable them on the approach.
To influence their emotions , you can, using body position, facial expressions and gestures. Awkward body position will disrupt not only the human body, but also his thoughts. Being in an uncomfortable position, you feel discomfort and your body expresses it: you have uneven breath, mouth can be slightly opened, the motion fussy and messy. Sensing the approach of unnecessary emotions, sit comfortably, hands on the armrests of the chair, fold the trunk on his back, legs apart. The breathing should be deep and smooth. Feel that control over emotions is in your hands.
And control your thoughts, try to replace the panic is rational, the striking out of the situation. Or those that help to prioritize and to determine the degree of unimportance of what is happening on a global scale. Lighten the brain generating these thought forms, imagine that you are alone on the beach and sit, inhaling deeply the clean air, listening to the sound of the surf.