You will need
  • - Bench for hyperextension;
  • gymnastic Mat;
  • - with your partner.
Take original position on the bench for hyperextension. The rollers should rest on your thigh just below the groin, ankle secure, the stops abut to the platform. Do not put your hands behind your head. It will not increase the elaboration of muscles of the lower back, but it can give unnecessary strain on the back muscles of the neck.
Dilute elbows to the side and slightly press the hands to the sides of the neck. Can just cross my arms and pressed against his chest. Slowly bending at the waist, lower your body down, then slowly return to starting position. Don't roll over too far backwards. Long muscles of the back and so you will get enough pressure. It is not recommended to perform the exercise with the weights.
Hyperextension can be performed at home. Lie on the floor or on a gym Mat face down. Ask your partner to securely hold your feet to the floor, holding them by the ankles. Hands apply light pressure to the neck or temples. Lift the body upwards by tension in the muscles of the back. At the top point slightly late and slowly return to starting position.
To protect the lower back, not enough to pump up the long muscles of the back. Lie on the floor or a gym Mat face down. Hands bend at the elbows and place them in front of you or pull along the body, palms down. Straining the muscles of the lower back, raise straight legs United. The Breasts are tightly pressed to the floor. If you find it hard to perform upgrades on both legs, try to raise them in turn. This exercise is aimed at pumping of a square muscle of a loin.
Mandatory exercise for strengthening the lower back is the "bar" in different variations. Lie on the floor, take the position of "focusing on the elbow the elbow joint is located just below the shoulders. Can throw in the fingers to the castle. Feet rest on the floor socks. Push your body, from head to toe your body was a straight line. Do not allow deflections in the region of the lower back. It must be absolutely straight, as if pinned to the Board. Straining the muscles of the body and legs, hold the body in this position for at least 30 seconds. Gradually increase run time.
Lie on the floor sideways to the right. Please focus on your right elbow and lift the body. Place the hand directly under the shoulder joint. Left hand pull along the body or put on the lower back. Feet together, left foot is on the right. Tighten your body and lift your pelvis off the floor. The whole body should be a straight line. Hold body in this position for 30 seconds, switch sides. Do the exercise "plank" every day, gradually increasing the time.