Today modern industry for batik produces a large variety of paints and tools, but mostly for painting use acrylic paint , water-based. They mix well and create beautiful shades and tints, and the fabric is easy to lie. Special reserves do not allow paint shapeless blur, so the picture is easy to apply.
Painted with acrylic paints does not tolerate haste and bustle. In the beginning carefully read the instructions, soak all intervals when applying the different layers, the product is then thoroughly dry and firmly secure the paint. Then your creation will be erased, and it will take you a very long time to enjoy its beauty. To make acrylic paint not disappeared after washing, the pattern to be solidified, subjected to heat treatment. First, the finished product is thoroughly dry (this may take up to 10 days). Secure the paint. For this product smooth from the inside or the iron during Ironing, use a thin cloth. Set the regulator of the iron in the wool mode to hot mode. Within two minutes, carefully iron the product, constantly moving the iron. Do not hold the iron in one place, so as not to ruin the fabric by excessive heat. The process of stroking, heating the paint helps iron pigments and acrylic binders to connect with fabric fibers.
Some craftswomen to secure the picture placed the finished product for heating in oven, steamer or microwave. If you freeze the picture in the oven, then place the fabric on a clean baking sheet. Preheat oven to 140 degrees and 10 -15 minutes it will hold your product. If you used very thin silk, cover it with baking paper.
Can of paint to fix on the steam bath. The fabric thus treated, will not in the wash shed. After fixing colors you can product is use as intended, but it is not necessary immediately to wash. The longer the time to wash, so the paint will stick better. If your batik will be used as the panels, for fastening just use acrylic lacquer water-based.