You will need
  • -a Declaration of lease of land;
  • -surveyor.
To place the apiaryregister as a private entrepreneur. Decide the location in which you plan to organize the apiary, and, if possible, find a place on the map. If the apiary is in the forest - contact your Forester for assistance in collecting all the documents.
If you do not want the apiary in the forest - contact the district office of land relations. Let, to them that you need to lease the land and specify where it is located (employees of regional Department has its own detailed map of your neighborhood).
Write a statement requesting the granting of land for their own needs in the uncompensated fixed term use. Attach to the application a notarized copy of the passport. If there is no notary copy of the passport needs to assure the administration of the rural settlement.
Also prepare information about the area: its characteristics and a diagram ( to do this, use the services of a surveyor) and data on the burdened land (that is about how it is being used or how it is to be used in the future). All of this provide at the place of treatment (in forestry or the district office of land relations).
If, after examining the application will decide on the allocation of land in your use – sign the corresponding contract. If the agreement is signed for more than a year, it is subject to state registration.
If you have any questions – please contact the police Department. It will tell you what to do, given the local context. Also, remember that a lot depends on your chosen land.