The Golden wedding anniversary, decided to give gold jewellery. However, the gift should be not personal, but family, because it is the feast for two. However, for such a long life, the couple probably have accumulated a lot of different useful things and trinkets. Of course, statues of real gold there are few, but they need older people?

An elderly couple who has everything, you can give just Souvenirs. Symbolic will look like coasters, vases, candlesticks gilt. You can buy the gold medal for 50 years from the date of marriage. If the medal has not enough money, then order or make his own honorary diploma for merits of family life. Diploma can be done on a gilded paper or on white, and greetings to write in Golden letters. Beautifully will look like an ordinary letter, inserted in a gilded frame.

If you have pictures of the heroes of the occasion, you can order the artist family portrait. Let the talented draw "bride of the Golden veil, and the groom with gold tie. This portrait can also be inserted in a gilt frame.

Useful gifts

If you close couple, you probably know about their ailments. Those who celebrate the Golden anniversary of living together, for nearly 70 years, and at this age it is already necessary to think about health. So think: give the "young" one or more devices for home physical therapy, air ionizer, massager, heating pad, or some rare but necessary medicine.

Even if the couple have everything, the perfect gift can be a device that facilitates the everyday life. Buy them, for example, robot vacuum cleaner, drying Cabinet or multi-function slow cooker.

Bed linen is never enough, give linen. The gift was both useful and memorable, embroider by hand or order a commemorative embroidery. It may be a monogram, anniversary date, wedding date or just "50".

Other gifts

The gift does not have to be material. Give jubilee a ticket to a sanatorium, a rest home or boarding house. If the health of the "young" allows, then a great gift would be tickets round the world cruise or at least a tour of Europe.

Not everyone has the money for such expensive gifts, and anniversaries, for any reason, can not always use this gift. In this case we can restrict the tickets to the theater or a concert of your favorite artist.

The vouchers and tickets so they still match the theme of the party, can be put in a gilded envelope.

An important addition

On any occasion customary to give flowers. In old age often have allergies to different smells, so consider this when choosing a bouquet. Flowers can be given not only in the form of a conventional bouquet, you can order a toy or a symbolic figure of flowers.