You will need
  • - employment history;
  • - documents certifying the identity and age of the person;
  • - accounting in accordance with the place of residence, seniority and age of the employee.
People who live in the far North and equated territories are eligible for a premium wage. It is calculated in accordance with the experience of man, his salary, age (for young people up to 30 years, the Northern allowance is somewhat different), and in fact by the region where he works.
The calculation starts from the first day of work in the far North. So in Chukotka, in the North Evensk district of the Magadan region, Aleutian rayon (Kamchatka oblast), the Islands of the Arctic ocean and its seas (except the White sea), as well as in the Koryak Autonomous area the Northern allowance is charged at 10% of salary for the first 6 months of operation.
The amount increases every 6 months by 10% until it reaches 100%. In other areas of the far North it is calculated according to the same scheme, but when it reaches 60% increase is every 6 months and every year. The maximum limit for these areas - 80% raise in salary of the employee. In areas equated to the far North, the Northern allowance in the first year of operation is 10%, then increases every year by 10% until it reaches 50% of salary.
Persons under 30 years, who lived in the far North for at least a year, the allowance is charged at the rate of 20% after the first six months and increases every 6 months by 20% until it reaches 60%, then it increases to 20% for the year. For young people living and working in the areas equated to the far North - 10% for every 6 months. Young people who lived in the far North and equated districts not less than 5 years, is entitled to the accrual of Northern allowance from the first day of work.
When you calculate the Northern allowance is necessary to clarify the type of terrain. Only in Russia there are 4 types of terrain that are eligible for Northern allowance at the rate of 100, 80, 50 and 30 percent of the salary. For example, Northern allowance in the amount of 80% of wages operates in the far North regions and equated areas it's less.