Use the formula to calculate the cut length, if your task explicitly set the coordinates of the vertices of the triangle. For this follow some simple steps. First calculate the difference between the coordinates of corresponding points on the x-axis and the y-axis. The results obtained bring into a square and summarize. The square root of the resulting value is the required cut length.
Consider all these tasks, if no data to solve simple tasks. Separately write down everything listed in the condition. Pay attention to the type of the described triangle. If it is rectangular, then you need to know the coordinates of two vertices: the length of the third side, you will be able to find, using the formula of Pythagoras. Also simplifies the situation when working with isosceles or equilateral triangle, mi.
Pay attention to some of the characteristic elements conditions, which contain a clue. For example, the text may be mentioned that the vertex of the triangle lies on one of the axes (which gives you information about one of the coordinate), passes through the origin. All it's important to write to have full information.
Don't forget about the formulas used to Express the sides of a triangle through the other elements, and existing proportional relationship. The minimum number of auxiliary equations that will be useful include formulas for finding the height, medians, and bisectors of triangles. In addition, remember that the two sides of a triangle are in the same relation to each other as the segments into which divides the bisector drawn to the third side.
Be prepared for the fact that if you use in the solution of certain formulas or theorems you may be asked to prove them or to describe the procedure output.