You will need
    • Fish milk - 1 PCs;
    • sugar - 1 tbsp. spoon;
    • salt - 2 tbsp. spoon;
    • soy sauce - 1 tbsp. spoon;
    • the flesh smoked beef - 100 g;
    • crab meat - 200 g;
    • boiled eggs - 2 PCs;
    • butter - 50 g;
    • carrots - 1 piece;
    • onion - 1 piece;
    • parsley root - 50 g;
    • water - 2 glasses;
    • lemon juice - 1 tbsp. spoon;
    • pepper
    • salt.
Will chenopodietea salted fish from the scales, cut off the head, wash. Divide it into two parts along the ridge. Carefully remove the spine and bones, be careful not to damage the rump roast. Put the cooked fillets on a plate and pour soy sauce. Then liberally sprinkle on all sides with a mixture of salt and sugar and spices. Put the milkfish in a bowl with high sides and place in the refrigerator to marinate. It is optimal to wait a day, but you can try before. Before cutting, wrap the fish in a napkin to dry. Breast fillet of fish cut with a sharp knife, separating from the skin.
Ribosylate stuffed milk fish from the scales, remove the spine and rib bones. Then salt and pepper the milkfish is a good choice. Sprinkle it with lemon juice. Bones fish boil the broth then pour them with cold water, add chopped carrots, onions, a parsley root, a Bay leaf and simmer 15-20 minutes. Sieve the broth. Smoked beef, crab meat and eggs cut into thin slices. Stir and nafarshiruyte of milkfish with a stuffing. Sew the opening or fasten with toothpicks. Turn on the oven, grease a baking sheet with oil and place the fish. Sprinkle with the herbs. Bake for 25-30 minutes at 200 °C. from time to Time water fish cooked with the broth for juiciness. When the milkfish is ready, remove the thread or toothpicks and carefully cut into slices. Lay the fish on a dish and garnish with roasted vegetables and greens.
The PhilippineMilk fish , wash, remove scales, cut off the head and remove the entrails. Make a longitudinal incision on the back, remove the backbone and again rinse the carcass with cold water. Then dry the fillets and RUB it with salt and pepper. Prepare vegetable mixture - finely chop tomatoes, onion and garlic. Place on fish fillet on top and bake, you can roll up in foil. Cook at 200 degrees for about 20 minutes. At the end of the cooking pour the fish mixture of soy sauce and lemon juice.