First of all understand one thing: not all steps to save marriage end successfully. To be worse, keep in mind the possibility of a failed attempt. It is unlikely that the women could know one hundred percent why the man is her lost interest, even if he frankly she confessed.
How can anything be mad at him. But you better realize what you want and why you need it. From this standpoint, you will build your action plans, they should be considered. With that attitude it will be easier to do each step to save the marriage and observe the results.
Start with external changes. Update the clothes and hair, underwear and makeup style. Don't be afraid of radical changes you must face your partner in a brand new way. It often happens that a man is so accustomed to his woman that simply ceases to notice all her dignity. New image it will interestus and excite.
These changes may well be enough if the problem of losing interestand was superficial. In that case, if the causes are deeper, this will not be enough. Although a man may say that he was tired of seeing the same thing, it actually could mean that he just happened to you is notinterestbut. He can bother your inner content. In this case, get ready for internal changes.
For the sake of experiment, put yourself in his place and look the part on your strengths and weaknesses. Whether you behave in certain situations, interestbut if you. Perhaps you will find applications for your actions to change yourself — what you need to develop and what to exclude. Get ready thus to the conversation with my husband, so it will be easier to agree with the points that you match.
A serious talk with him. Find out what bothered him, what he would want. He sees a joint future with you. How he thinks about your habits, behavior, manners and activities. Let him Express his wishes for the points.
During the conversation, behave kindly, seriously and confidently. Don't act as the victim or as the aggressor - it will not lead to anything good. Speak calmly and constructively - as if you need to talk to both of you. Don't let him know that want to satisfy his desires and to indulge his whims. Build the conversation so that you can see that you are "curious" for your sakes.
Do not concentrate only on their shortcomings. Maybe not just you he is bored, and he even began to tire of family life. He may be hard to bear such a responsibility, it is internally not cope with this, and then it is useless to change something. There are menwho are not cut out for marriage.
If that is the case, after talking everything will be clear. You need to leave and not to look for reasons in himself alone. Well, if during the conversation you will realize that it is possible to establish and keep a family - go for it. According to the plan that you already have.