Psychological methods of getting rid of excessive irritability of universal peace, joke, mirror perception. Standard situation – you annoy the people around you get out of yourself – start screaming, nervous and make stupid things. In this one-man stimulus gets what he bargained for – your emotions. Deprive him of this pleasure – keep calm, after a while you will notice with satisfaction, as it is annoying. Moreover, if you learn to feel sorry for someone, you annoying, the source of the unpleasant emotions will cease to occupy your thoughts and take time.
The annoying situation is always worth a look from the outside – in fact, many of the participants in the conflict seem very funny. Find the strength to look at the problem in a detached way – you will get a different interpretation of events and have a little fun.
Time from irritability to outbursts of anger is very small – only a few seconds. Learn to fill these second productive activity – count to 10 and at the same time ponder the situation. Think about the consequences – that should keep you cool. If possible, press or pull (physical activity copes with irritability).
If the cause of your irritability are very high standards for others, learn to accept people for who they are. There are no perfect people, everyone has their own advantages and disadvantages. Come to terms with the presence of people have qualities that you don't like, you increase its self-sufficiency.
Bouts of irritability, if repressed, can cause internal discomfort and can result in multiple neuroses. Liberate your soul from the negative way – by prayer, fellowship. Useful conversations with judicious and good-natured people – these people have the ability to listen and always give an adequate assessment of the situation.