You will need
  • A positive attitude, a basic knowledge of communication psychology, herbal tea, calming bath foam.
When you feel that you start to get angry, take a deep breath and count to ten. We should not succumb to negative emotions! At this time it is better to switch to something positive. Change the activity or situation, at least for a while. Go to another room or outside. Perhaps in this way you will be able to stop the impact on you of the stimulus, and you can calmly think about the situation that has caused you negative emotions.
If you are still under the control of negative emotions, try to seek help from the person calm and balanced. Tell us about your problem and ask for advice. Pronouncing the situation that has caused you irritation, you will be able to look at it from the side and possibly see the ways of solving it without outside help.
If the discontent you have caused your own actions or their consequences, analyze calmly what caused it. Accept the fact that people make mistakes. Focus on what you were able to see the cause of the problem and, therefore, will be able to fix it.
Do not make excessive demands and others. Very often cause irritation high expectations in relation to other people. Refrain from criticism in this case. It will not help the situation to change in your favor, but only cause reciprocal negative reaction. Try to concentrate on the good qualities of others and not to overemphasize the faults.
To quickly get rid of pent-up irritation, you need to learn how to create a soothing atmosphere anywhere. To do this, you can develop a custom script action, the repetition of which can bring you peace of mind. It can come in different sequence: taking a warm bath, listening to calming music, warm herbal tea, different techniques of relaxation.
But in order to negate the detrimental effects of inflammation on the body in the long run, you can use playing sports, drawing, long walks, reading, watching movies and, of course, proper rest. Better if it is a communion with nature. All these activities will force you to take a proactive stance and look at the world around you positively. But positive thinking is no irritation!