Start the day with a smile. Smile relieves tension and delays the aging. Waking up, turn on relaxing music, tune in to good relations with family and colleagues, remember something pleasant.
Of course, life does not consist only of positive things. You work, lose time in traffic jams, standing at bus stops waiting for transport, nervously glancing at the clock. And if you take yourself in hand and try not to be annoyed, because your impatience is not able to reduce the waiting time.
Engage in such moments, "invisible" exercises that strengthen the muscles of the back, arms or abdomen. Standing next to people did not notice anything, and you improved their health. Let any of this stop will be your signal to relax.
Learn to react immediately to annoy you, but Express your emotions adequate way. This means the following.
- The phrase should start with no indictment, neutral description of the actions of another person whose behavior does not suit you, then you should describe your reaction to this behavior.
- Then explain how you reflected this behavior.
- Then describe what you would like, using the following phrase: "I would prefer", "I would like".
Expressing their problems openly, you will improve the relationship with the other person and be able to create his motivation aimed at a joint solution.
Analyze your life. Perhaps your irritability is the dissatisfaction with the situation, dissatisfaction with the state of Affairs.
Try not to read or watch reports of accidents, incidents that happened. The negativity coming from the media, promotes fear and irritation.
Remember every night all the good that happened to you during the day.
Engage in techniques of self-regulation that will help to relieve unwanted tension and find harmony in the soul: breathing exercises, yoga, Pilates.
Try to use the technique of gratitude. Feeling the irritation, mentally thank your opponent for all the good that he wanted to say to you.
Forgive him and myself for the emotions, feelings, words that you feel about him. Look at each act positive, positive moments. And you will soon learn to enjoy life and get rid of irritability.
Do not neglect one very old trick: take up to 10 deep, relaxed exhalations and inhalations. During this time, your emotions may not completely heal, but at least will not develop so rapidly.