You will need
    • For semi-smoked sausages:
    • 2 kg pork,
    • 1.5 kg of pork fat,
    • 1.5 kg of beef,
    • 1.5 tbsp sugar
    • 1 head of garlic,
    • salt,
    • pepper,
    • the syringe
    • the sausage casing.
    • For summer sausage:
    • 1 kg of beef
    • 25 g of salt
    • 1 g of sugar.
    • 1 kg pork,
    • 20 grams of salt
    • 0.5 g sugar
    • pepper to taste
    • syringe
    • the sausage casing.
Semi-smoked sausage

Turn beef, pork, salted pork fat with garlic through a meat grinder separately. Combine the ground beef, add salt, sugar, pepper to taste(salt should not be more than 3% of the total weight of the meat). Tie one end of the shell with twine or coarse thread, a thick syringe filled with minced meat, put the free end of the sheath on the syringe, push the plunger and fill the shell with stuffing very tightly.
Tie the sausages with twine and leave in a cool place for 5 hours. Pre-prick the sausages in several places to release trapped air. Do it with a thin needle very carefully so the stuffing does not squeeze out.
Procapita sausage in hot smoke for one hour, remove it from the smoker and cook for another hour. Procapita re-cold smoke for one hour to dry the sausage in a cool and dry place for another 4-7 days. Store the finished product in the refrigerator.
Smoked sausage

Pass the beef through a meat grinder, add salt, stir until smooth (for summer sausage, it is best to take the fillet back leg and shoulder). Put in an enamel bowl, leave in the cold until the meat will not be bright red. Slice the bacon and pork in pieces of 50-100 g, mix with sugar and salt, leave for one day in a cold place.
Skip the ground beef through the grinder again, cut the pork and fat into pieces of smaller size, such as they will in the finished product, then mix both minced. Fill the shell with a syringe or a special grinder, tie the twine sausage, prick the shell with a thin needle to let the air out. Soak the loaves of 7-10 days in the cold (not above 2- + 4oC), procopia 2-3 days in a cold smoke, wash and dry the sausages for 3-4 days at a temperature of about 12-15°.