You will need
  • - Dr.Web CureIt.
First install a special plugin, which will disable all pop-up pop-up and adware while browsing the Internet. As an example, use the utility AdBlockPlus. Find and install the version of this plugin suitable for your browser. With its help, you can also set up rules for specific sites.
If the ad window appears immediately after starting the computer, i.e. operating system, it is recommended to use another program. Download utility Dr. Web Curelt. This can be done by going to the official website of the manufacturer of the antivirus
After downloading the program run it. Immediately after this will begin scanning your operating system and other files for viruses. It can last a long time. Confirm the deletion of virus files, if the window is opened with the corresponding proposal.
If using this program failed to disable the ad window, then try to find the password required to disable it. Click on the following links:,, or
Fill in the fields a piece of text, banner or phone number, which balance is proposed to Fund. Click the "Get code". Substitute the received password in the box ads.
This process is quite tedious, because sometimes you have to expose hundreds of passwords. Restart the computer and log into Windows safe mode. Open the system32 directory located in the Windows folder. Delete all. dll files that contain the string lib to the end of the name. Restart the system in the usual way.