Advice 1: How to open your own label

Vivid and memorable label is capable of moving even quite ordinary product. Having your own brand, you get great development prospects and relative stability. Investing resources in a new brand, you will be able to obtain considerable dividends.
How to open your own label
You will need
  • package of documents for registration;
  • - the brand book.
Decide the positioning for your label. The main principle that should be used – differentiation. You should highlight the distinctive features of the brand and of the product itself, which will allow him to take an appropriate position in market niche.
Create a bright and memorable name. Try to choose a name for the labeland that is easy to be read and pronounced, did not cause a negative or comical associations. For the subsequent registration of a trademark it is necessary that the name was unique. Make sure that the brand with the same name definitely does not exist.
Develop a logo. You may be limited to certain symbol and spelling of your brand. However, for a large-scale promotion optimally to create a complete concept label. Well-known brand is always accompanied by its products, the brand-book: a complete guide to branding and marketing position of the label.
Register a trademark. For this you need to provide to the local office of Rospatent, the following documents:
- the registration documents of the company;
the registration statement;
- the list of goods which will be sold under the labelom;
technical characteristics of the goods;
- the claimed designation trademark.
After the official registration labeland consider the strategy of its promotion. Use the principles of positioning, defined at the initial stage. Try to make sure that the brand name was well-known: think of a catchy slogan, bright advertising campaign. Fabricate Souvenirs that would be on hand at customers and constantly reminded about your brand (pens, magnets, calendars, mugs).
Useful advice
Assistance in all stages of opening the label in any industry can have a chamber of Commerce.

Advice 2: How to send a track to the label

All budding musicians and composers dream is that more people have heard their work. In addition, the financial issue is also important: buying and selling of own compositions can be lucrative. You only need to sign a contract with one of the producing companies andlabels.
How to send a track to the label
Think, first of all, how good is the music you create. The signing of the contract with the publisher – a very important case, and hardly serious music labels pay attention to songs with a mediocre performance. Follow emerging innovations in the genre of the music you create, and pay attention to current trends in it, which sound is considered to be popular and try to write songs in a similar style.
Pay attention to what the characteristics and distinctive features of your music. Many record companies put the emphasis on the uniqueness and custom sound tracks. Experiment more and add to their music something unique: new tools, effects, vocal inserts, etc.
Proceed to select the appropriate label after you will be sure that your tracks are worthy of attention. There are many manufacturing companies specializing in various musical genres. For example, in the genre of house famous labels are Ministry Sounds, Hed Kandi, Axtone; in the genre of trance – Armada Music, Anjunabeats, Enhanced; in the genre of drum and bass - Hospital, Fokuz, Renegade Hardware and more. They sign contracts only with the best of musicians. Smaller labels – a great many. To learn more about them in the shops of electronic music:,, and others.
Send your tracks for the selected label or to several to increase the chances of success. To do this, visit the websites of the selected companies. On each of them there is a special section of Send Demo detailing how to send your work. Most often this is done through email or directly with websites through special terminals.
Wait some time after sending tracks. If your work is interested in the label, we will contact you and offer to sign a contract for publication of the work. If this did not happen – do not despair and do not give up. Continue to create music, improve its quality and to submit to the labels.
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