You will need
  • -wire;
  • connector;
  • plug from the power supply;
  • -duct tape;
  • -soldering iron;
  • -power supply for a laptop.
If the problem is in the wire from the unitand power the plug, then: - unpack the unit power supply, even if you'll try to do it gently, still his appearance is slightly spoiled, so he's not screwed, just glued together, then disconnect the old wire;- buy a new cable with a cable connector and correctly connect to the unitfrom the power supplyas connected to the old wire and carefully wrap the unit power supply , electrical tape, he collapsed in the future.
If the problem is in the plug that goes from the adapter power to the laptop:- buy 2 collapsible plug (can be purchased in almost any Department store) . Twist the threaded plastic plugs with the cozies and they take out the core;- clear the transactions of your cord and attach them to the right terminals to plug. Solder soldering iron for better stability.
Isolate the area of the repair with electrical tape, screw in place the sheath from the plug. If this does not help you to fix the unit power, then it's likely the fix will not succeed. You will have to buy a new adapter, power supply, and if the cause of failure is overheating, then you need to buy adapter power supply with more power and with good tension, than you have had. Perhaps your old unit power was weak for your laptop. The more headroom, the less heated the unit power.