Causes of inability to swallow:
- long sucking nipples;

- later inclusion in the diet of the child solid food;

- later eruption of temporary teeth;

- tongue-tie;

- mouth breathing.
Use for feeding short nipple that doesn't take up the whole mouth of the baby and do not touch the pharynx and soft palate. The hole in the nipple should be small. As when entering the mouth of the child big portions of food, he is unable to swallow it at once and regulates the flow of language. This is an incorrect position of the tongue creates difficulty swallowing.
If your child has adenoid growths or chronic tonsillitis, this can cause shift of language baby forward. Follow the doctor's orders to save the child from existing diseases.
If the child cannot swallow, it may be due to the fact that parents at the appearance of his first tooth is not introduced into the diet of solid foods. Therefore, in order to learn this skill, muscles of the tongue of the child need regular exercise. Give your baby as often as possible to chew solid foods: drying, bagels, crackers, meats, apples and carrots.
Play with the baby in the game for reed. First show him how to lick the lips: open up your mouth and do tongue licking in a circular motion at the upper and lower lip. Then teach your toddler how to reach the tongue to the tip of the nose and to the chin. And then show the baby how to stroke his sky tongue teeth moving to her throat. And then together with him "brush" tab at the inside of the upper teeth, moving left and right.
It is also possible to count each tooth, pushing his tongue. Teach your child to clink tongue, depicting running horses. Then put the tip of the tongue of the child a bit of honey and ask him to move it back and forth. Now show the kid the game in the balls: that is, inflate with the baby cheeks and emphasize the tongue in cheek alternately.
Teach to gargle baby's first thick soup, then yogurt, then the liquid jelly, and then mineral water.
Place the pencil across the teeth and do with the child the following: the tongue tip datalimits is below the pencil, above. Also put on the tip of the tongue, the bread crumb and roll the lips so that the tongue was visible outside. And teach your child to swallow his saliva without moving his lips and without moving your tongue.
All the games with your child explore systematically, repeating them as exercises. Start with 5-6 repetitions, 1 time per day. Then increase the frequency of games up to 2 times a day, and then to three. Gradually increase the amount of exercise 10-12 repetitions.