Start with rinsing the mouth. The child swallowed the water that falls into his mouth, but if you show how you can produce a trickle of water, then the child will be interested and will try to repeat. Explain to your child that you rinse your mouth after eating is necessary, not to hurt the teeth.
At first accustom him to the fact that the throat should be clean – try to irrigate mucous membranes with a spray bottle or a small medical bag. Tilt the baby over the bathtub (to keep the water from his mouth trickled down), ask to open your mouth and water cavity with plain water, trying to turn the tool so that the water reached the tonsils. If the child is not pronounced gag reflex, then the procedure will not cause him much discomfort, and gradually you can go directly to the self-gargling. If the baby reflex squeezes the throat, this method is better not to use – try rinsing the throat immediately, standing and tilting the head back.
Begin to teach the child to rinse throat with clean boiled water, because even if he swallows a little, it will not be scary. Gradually, when the baby learns to control its movements, you can try to rinse a throat medicinal solutions, to swallow, which is undesirable.
Tell your child a story about how cock choked on bean seed. Show, like a rooster trying to get the seed by typing in the mouth water and poburka it. The first time, the child will fail, but if you practice every day, gradually he will understand how to gurgle water.
Use the various games to show your child how to rinse the neck, why it is important and necessary. Show dolls and toys, how to heal the throat, instalirajte disease in different characters, play doctor. Rinse your throat themselves, showing the child an example. Involve other family members – let dad, grandma or grandpa turns to show how to perform the procedure. Don't forget to ask the kid, so he can say the letter "a" and stretched it as long as possible during rinsing. Repeat along with him, the child is not distracted, otherwise he might choke and get scared that it will reinforce a negative attitude to the rinse.