Encourage your child to solid foods, to have a chewing reflexes. Approximately 7-8 months in the usual baby puree and add small pieces of vegetables. Let it gradually develops denser food. Even if the child is teething, swollen gums, and he doesn't want to chew food, you should encourage your baby to bite.
It is not necessary to wait for the appearance of the first teeth of the child to introduce him to a more dense food. Some foods he can chew with their gums. You can give the baby a crouton or drying. The child will pull the product in mouth, suck it, tries to bite, and thus involve the tongue, lips, jaw.
Buy prepared baby food that is age-appropriate for your little one. For each age in children's canned products are used with different densities. It is important to move to a more dense mashed potatoes and cereals, contain small lumps.
Stop to prepare pureed meals in General, if your child is already a year or more, but he still doesn't chew. Offer him only solid foods. If the child refuses to eat, don't go on about him, will persevere. You can go to the trick and leave him snacks in an accessible place, when the baby gets hungry enough, he will begin to eat them without persuasion.
Try to interest the child , which is already a year, chewing marmalade, or marshmallow. If he sees you, surely he'll be interested in what you eat. Share with them the sweetness, but first try to explain how to chew.
Put the child at common table, let him try pieces of "adult" food. Maybe the kid will be drawn to the bright salad, and he'll demand to share with him. After all, children are always interested in everything new, plus they love to imitate adults.