Install antivirus and firewall on your personal computer. This is the easiest way to find out open ports. Moreover, this way you will be able to prevent the impact of malicious software on your personal computer. If the antivirus program and fearful on your computer have not been established, it is possible that open restaurants already successfully used by malicious software and spyware.
Try to find open restaurants online. For this you will need a service online that provides such services. Guide online test to detect open ports that can serve as a gateway for malicious software. Open ports in the list are highlighted in red. Write down a single name of an open port, then to close.
Close the discovered open ports. This can be done using special programs. The most affordable and easy I use Windows Worms Door Cleaner. This program does not require installation and occupies a volume of only 50 KB. Download this program on official website, then run it on your personal computer.
Malware, close the port that was previously shown in the test analysis. After that, restart your personal computer. In the future, to keep track of open ports, install a firewall. For these purposes, perfect Outpost Firewall.
Check your personal computer use a free AVZ. It will help to identify errors in configuring the system that could be provoked by the influence of the open port. In addition, if open access to anonymous user, then for security purposes, your personal computer must be close.