Without a fishing rod to catch fun

With good expensive gear and special bait to catch the fish any, but it's kind of boring, but otherwise not recklessly. Those who once caught the prey from the water without the help of fishing rods, bare hands, excitedly told friends how fun it was.

From not having a gear angler, you will need creativity, ingenuity, resourcefulness, agility and a positive attitude. The Russians are abundantly endowed with all these qualities, so failures should not be!

Ways of catching fish without fishing rod

Fish in the pit

On the shore of a pond, lake or river you need to dig a hole and connect it to the main pond by a ditch. In an artificial puddle, place the bread and everything in my backpack for bait. The idea is that the hungry fish has to swim in the pit for food. When the prey is distracted by the food the canal needs to be closed. A partition can be a stone or any other object of suitable size. Of small holes the fish can get hands.

Plastic bottle

Without drinking water rarely goes camping, it is easier to carry plastic bottles, rather than metal cans. Take an empty large (2.5-5 l) bottle, cut the neck. The container of the bait put into the reservoir with the open side facing to the current. To the bottle is not washed away by the water, put inside something small, but heavy. The fish will swim inside the trap for bait, but to get back will not be able, as they will not be able to turn around. You will only have to get a bottle caught fish.

Spear or jail with a primitive weapon for successful fishing

Primitive spear can be made on location on the waterfront, just ostrogat one end of the trunk of a thin tree. This tip is better to make the square, round the edge of the fish may break. With your makeshift fork needs to go in the water and scatter themselves around the bait (bread or porridge). It now remains to stand and wait for fish. Of course, the art of fishing with a spear master is not so easy, but the results you will be proud of.

Bare hands

Some lucky fishermen so lucky that they sometimes accidentally catch fish with his bare hands. If the pond is rich in mining, can it be caught, just bathing. Seriously count this method is not necessary, but you can try. Will help in this case is raised from the bottom mud, it will make the feet of the hunter of the invisible and the fish loses caution.