Make sure your computer is equipped with a module Wi-Fi. If you are unsure, check the manual or the sticker on the laptop. If you meet the logo of Wi-Fi or the antenna symbol, the transmitting wave, the computer have a wireless interface.
Turn it on with the help of a special button or shortcut keys. Typically, the Wi-Fi is indicated by the illumination of a special indicator. After verifying that the wireless communication module is activated, proceed to search for the network.
Make sure that the restaurant you have access to a wireless network (ask the cashier, check the stickers on the door). If your computer is in range of a wireless network, Windows operating system immediately will give notice in the lower right corner of the screen.
Click it, which opens the window wireless network connection. Select a wireless network, mcdonalds, highlight it and click "Connect". A few seconds after receiving the network address the computer is connected to the network and the Internet.
If your computer is not automatically identified wireless network, enable a manual search and connect to them. To do this, click "start", click "Connection" drop-down menu, click on "Wireless network connection". As a result, a window opens that displays all available wireless networks (in your case - the network of mcdonalds).
For the latest information click to Update the list of available networks" on the right then scroll to the mcdonalds network and click "Connect".