First, determine what type of depression you suffer from functional, pathological or imaginary. If a person has a serious disorder, diagnosed as depression, it requires specialized treatment. In other cases, a person may cope with the problem on their own – functional depression does not mean that the person is mentally ill, and the imaginary depression is only in the human desire to prove to others their negative condition. Very often, the functional depression of a healthy person in fact is imaginary. The cause of depression is also different – as endogenous when the reason lies within the human psyche, and exogenous when the cause of depression have become real events. Persistent depression are cyclical – sometimes they worsen, and sometimes there is a period of relief. How do you overcome a state of despondency and depression?
Change your lifestyle and it will help to change the way of thinking. Get more sleep – insomnia and lack of rest stimulates the development of depression and exacerbate mental state. Before bedtime, ventilate the bedroom and sleep with an open window. Don't sleep on a too – soft pillows- otherwise, in the morning you will feel tired.
Know your weaknesses – if you're sensitive to loneliness and painful it move, try to rarely be alone. How much time to spend in the company of other people – relatives, friends, acquaintances, and employees. Not constrain emotions when I think or talk about the problem.
Learn to get pleasure from life, have fun, not sit at home, go for a walk, go to the movies or to visit friends. In a state of depression in no case do not try to escape by watching TV – it will negatively affect your condition.
Much better to relax, taking a warm bubble bath and aromatic oils, pleasant visiting an exhibition or a theatrical performance. Realize that you can do what you like – it will improve your mood. Do not take important decisions until your condition improves.
Don't forget to exercise – physical exercise and taking care of their own body, are effective means of dealing with depression and anxiety. You will feel vigorous, strong, and successful, if you start to ride a bike, swim, jog, gym or dancing. Not sedate depression sweets – balanced, healthy diet will help you to recover.
Often swim, take a shower and a bath – the water will remove the negative emotions and refresh feeling. Finally, learn to live for today without worrying about the future and not regretting the past.
Stop to consider their grievances, do not regret about what you can't get back – look forward and enjoy what is happening with you at the moment.
Change the image, change your home interior, look at the world with new eyes and create your own mood, the owner of which is you.