The first method to remove duplicate values – use the function "Remove duplicates". To activate the function in the worksheet, select the cells which have duplicate values. You can highlight the entire table or multiple columns.
On the toolbar, go to the tab "Data/Remove duplicates". In the opened dialog box, specify whether your data headers. If a data table has headings at the beginning of each column, select the check box "My data has headers" in the dialog box.
Now in this dialog box select the columns which will be scanned for duplicate values. Check the checkbox for each column that you want to include. If necessary, select all columns, click Select all. Click OK. The dialog box will close. Rows that contain identical values, are removed from the table.
The following method to remove duplicate cells using conditional formatting. Highlight the table columns where you have to find the duplicated values. On the toolbar, go to the tab "Home/Conditional formatting".
In the opened dialog box, navigate to the "Rules of the cell selection/Duplicate values". Next, a window will appear with selection fields: leave the default formatting of cells with duplicate values and select the format for duplicate cells. Click OK. Duplicate cells will be formatted. With the help of this function, the duplicated values highlighted, but not deleted.
To remove duplicate values, select the filter on the table. On the toolbar, go to "Data/Filter". On the table headers to set the filter. Open the filter column, which was produced by conditional formatting. Select "Filter by color of cell". Click OK. The filtered table will now display only the duplicated cell. Remove unnecessary.